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Best Autumnal Planting and Gardening tips in Dublin

September 24, 20232 min read

Autumn is a magical season, with its golden hues and crisp air. It's also an ideal time for planting and gardening, especially in Dublin, Ireland. Here's why:

freshly-planted autumnal garden in Dublin

The Advantages of Autumn Planting

  1. Slower Plant Growth: The shorter days and cooler temperatures of autumn mean that plants grow at a slower rate. This makes it easier for them to transition when planted during this season.

  2. Warm Soil Temperature: Even though the air might be getting cooler, the soil remains relatively warm. This warmth allows the roots of newly planted flora to spread out, establishing a robust root system. A strong root system ensures that the plant will have more vigour come spring.

Golden Rules for Autumn Planting

If you're considering planting in the autumn, there are a few essential guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid Encouraging Top Growth: Refrain from feeding your plants with substances that promote new top growth. Instead, focus on root growth.

  2. Use Bone Meal or Mycorrhizal Fungi: These are excellent for promoting root growth. Remember, autumn is all about strengthening the roots.

  3. Mulch Generously: After planting, cover the plants with a generous layer of mulch. This acts as insulation for the root ball, protecting it from the cold.

  4. Water Regularly: Don't be misled by the cooler temperatures. Plants still need to be well-watered during this season. Ensure they receive adequate water, especially if they're newly planted.


  • Use bone meal or mycorrhizal fungi for root growth

  • Mulch generously after planting

  • Water plants regularly


  • Avoid watering because of cooler temperatures

  • Feed plants with substances that promote top growth

  • Neglect planting before winter sets in

Remember, autumn is not just about the beauty it brings but also the opportunities it offers to gardeners. Make the most of this season by following the tips above and enjoy a flourishing garden come spring.

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