Dream Garden: Sutton

The Sutton Project

It was Christmas time, and our team was hired to work on a garden that had nothing but bare soil in the new beds. The job was initially supposed to be a small project worth around 60,000 to 70,000 Euros. However, as we began transforming the garden, the client saw the potential for the rest of his garden and decided to expand the project.

As the project unfolded, we incorporated an impressive array of features and materials to create a luxurious and functional outdoor living space. Among the highlights were a sunken trampoline for kids, large granite patio entertainment areas, and an outdoor kitchen complete with a bar countertop and beer taps. We also included a children's rubber mat play area, bespoke granite paths, a large bullnose granite step feature, and a relaxing Jacuzzi.

Our team meticulously designed and installed a new lawn perfect for kids to play football, along with microshade timber cladding and rendered walls for privacy and aesthetics. We also incorporated an aluminum pergola with an automated roof, allowing for the perfect balance of sun and shade in the garden.

Specialist drainage systems were put in place to ensure the garden's long-term health and sustainability. Beautiful flower beds and a large planting scheme were created to provide a lush and vibrant environment. Other unique features included an outdoor shower, bespoke powder-coated side gates, and a new front entrance to complete the transformation.

In addition to the garden, the client decided to revamp the driveway as well. A new gravel driveway was installed, along with new front driveway granite paths and front and back exterior lighting to enhance the property's curb appeal and safety. Moreover, we added a large outdoor gym and sauna, which elevated the garden's functionality and luxury.

What started as a small job evolved into a massive project, incorporating a wide variety of features and materials that created a stunning outdoor living space for the client. Our team's dedication to quality and attention to detail ensured that the final result exceeded the client's expectations. We were proud to have been a part of this transformation, and the client could now enjoy their beautiful and functional garden for years to come.



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