Dream Garden: Howth

The Howth Project

I am excited to share with you about a deeply personal project that we recently completed for a client. This project was particularly challenging because I had to manage it remotely due to unforeseen circumstances.

The project involved transforming a large, modern house in Dublin that had only been built a few years ago. It was one of five houses that were built in a very high-end, contemporary style. Unfortunately, the builder ran out of money before completing the work, leaving the garden in a terrible state. The bank eventually took over and finished the house at the bare minimum. The garden was just a patch of grass, and there was no planting or landscaping. The patios were poorly laid, and there was just cheap gravel down the driveway.

After courting a few local Landscapers, we’re delighted the clients turned to us for a fresh perspective. They wanted a garden that would complement their modern home, but the existing garden was nothing more than a blank slate. They needed full planting design, steps, patios, flower beds, a large driveway, drainage, mature planted trees, and a barbecue area. It was a big project that required significant attention to detail and expertise.



However, shortly after we began the project, one of my children fell ill and was hospitalised. I had to manage my team remotely from the hospital room, which was a challenging situation. Despite these challenges, the clients were supportive and understanding of my situation, and I am deeply grateful and indebted to them for their patience and understanding. I could not have asked for a better client in such a difficult time.

Our team at Peninsula Stone rose to the occasion and did me proud by completing the job to an exceptionally high standard. We sourced the finest materials and used our expertise to craft stunning stone features that would be the centrepiece of the garden. We cleared out old plants and debris, making way for a new layout that would include beautiful stonework, lush greenery, and comfortable seating areas.

We used a lot of granite in the job, including granite cobbles, granite paving, granite steps, and granite cappins, which gave the garden a modern and contemporary look. We also did a series of planting jobs and new paths that gave the garden a cohesive and well-rounded look. We created an ornamental garden and a modern patio with a barbecue area on the side of the house. We also built a courtyard patio with stepping stones and a big design of the coblock.



The biggest challenge was the planting job, as there wasn't even a daffodil on the property, and the clients wanted a lot of greenery. We spent around 15-20 thousand Euros just on plants alone. However, our team rose to the challenge and delivered a beautiful garden that exceeded the clients' expectations.

In the end, the project was a resounding success. The garden was transformed from an uninviting, uninspiring space into a beautiful, serene oasis that the clients could be proud of. We take great pride in helping our clients bring their vision to life and creating outdoor spaces that they can enjoy for years to come. It is a deeply personal project for me because of the challenges I faced managing it remotely, but it is also one of the most rewarding projects we have ever completed.



I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the clients for their understanding and support during this difficult time. They were patient and accommodating, and they made it possible for us to complete the project to the best of our ability. I would also like to thank my team at Peninsula Stone for their hard work and dedication to this project. Without their expertise and commitment, this project would not have been possible.

It is projects like this that remind us why we do what we do. At Peninsula Stone, we are passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that our clients can enjoy for years to come. We take great pride in our work and strive to exceed our clients' expectations at every turn. We believe that every outdoor space has the potential to be transformed into a beautiful, functional, and inspiring oasis, and we are honoured to help our clients bring their vision to life.



The garden transformation project for the modern house in Dublin was a deeply personal project for me, and it was a resounding success. Despite the challenges I faced managing it remotely from a hospital room, our team at Peninsula Stone rose to the occasion and completed the project to an exceptionally high standard. I am deeply grateful to the clients for their patience and understanding, and I am indebted to my team for their hard work and dedication. We are proud to have completed a project that represents the high standards and quality of work that Peninsula Stone is known for.

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